Top Career paths To Choose with an MBA In Operations

  • By Sneha Dasgupta
  • 27 January 2021
Top Career paths To Choose with an MBA In Operations

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MBA in operations is one of the most preferred specializations for management graduates - Why? Since its inception, the operations sector has been a strong backbone for various businesses, and there is no shortage of jobs after MBA in Operations Management

If you're a fresh graduate who is considering pursuing an MBA in Operations career path, there can be many unanswered questions in your mind, such as:

  • What is operations management? 
  • What is the impact of COVID-19 on global business operations?
  • What are the advantages of an MBA in operations in 2021? 
  • What are the various job opportunities after MBA in operations? 
  • What are the best companies for operations management in India?
  • What are the average salaries of professionals in the domain?
  • What specific skills are covered in this MBA specialization?

Worry not; this article aims to answer all your queries and discuss the career path, scope, job profiles, and salaries post-MBA in operations.

What Does An MBA in Operations Management Teach You?

Operations management is one of the most crucial components of running a business because it deals with efficient and cost-effective business practices to maximize profit without tempering the product's quality or customer experience. 

Operations Management is the chain of management activities that encompasses production, marketing, distribution of goods and services, redesigning business operations, culminating in end-user satisfaction, and the highest possible profit.

Let us have a look at the foundations of operations management to understand more about the domain.

What Is The Impact Of Covid-19 On Global Business Operations?

Covid-19 has disrupted the way businesses operate due to increased uncertainty and volatility of resources and assets. The industry keeps getting more updated and refined because of continually evolving processes. 

Companies need to ensure that their organization continuously evolves and improves to cope with these challenging and turbulent times. Enterprises can rethink and reconfigure rapid responses to address current disruptions and to reshape business operations for the future by increasing responsibility and resilience. 

That's why now, more than ever, effective operations management is critical. Reacting to the pandemic has emphasized the need for management professionals specializing in the operations domain. 

These professionals will be responsible for shifting to an e-commerce driven market, accelerating agile innovation, value chain transformation, and adopting technological advancements to outmanoeuvre uncertainty. 

What Are The Advantages Of An MBA In Operations In 2021? 

Efficient operational management ensures that materials, labour, and technology (inputs) are successfully converted to goods and services (outputs) using the best industrial practices. 

In the Post-COVID era, the key to a company's success will lie in transforming a more connected and self-orchestrating operations ecosystem. That's why businesses will always be on the lookout for MBA graduates with an Operations Management specialization. 

Is an MBA in operations management good? – if this is the question in your mind, you must consider the advantages this program offers.

  1. Solution-Oriented 

MBA in operations management makes you solution-oriented. It empowers you to anticipate opportunities quickly, address challenges, and mitigate risks before they arise.

  1. Industry-Specific

MBA in operations offers a global perspective on industry trends to equip you with top edge skills needed to execute all prime business functions with utmost effectiveness. 

  1. Lucrative Job Opportunities

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, operations management specialists will see an employment growth of 5.8% between 2019-2029. It implies that there will be outstanding job opportunities for graduates with an MBA in operations even after the pandemic.

  1. Competitive Edge

Operations management professionals are trained to coordinate and run various components and levels of the entire value chain. This will decrease production time, enhance customer relations, and increase profitability, keeping you ahead of the competition.

  1. High Demand In All Industries 

In the fast-changing business sector dynamics, MBA in operations management scope is not limited to logistics or manufacturing industries. Operations management is the "engine" required for the smooth functioning and existence of all sectors.

What Are The Various Job Opportunities After MBA In Operations? 

Unlike finance, HR, and marketing departments, operations management is a cross-division role where the professional assumes various responsibilities and performs numerous tasks across multiple disciplines. 

Below is the list of the most popular jobs After MBA in operations management.

  • Operations Executive

These professionals are primarily responsible for delivering operations policies and objectives to ensure that the company reaches its target and works accurately.

  • Area Operations Manager 

These professionals monitor the team along with supervising the implementation of company policies and standards appropriately. 

  • Inventory Control Manager

They are responsible for creating and refining plans to reduce inventory costs and maximize client satisfaction.

  • Operations Consultant

These specialists plan and recommend operational changes for process improvement and new product development.

  • Plant Manager

Plant Managers are assigned the task of tracking systems' efficiency and productivity. They are also accountable for making decisions regarding plant performance and future objectives. 

  • Operational Research Analyst

This job role is offered to candidates who are interested in the theoretical aspects. The primary responsibility includes allocating the company's resources and figuring out cost-effective techniques.

What Are The Best Companies For Operations Management In India?

The businesses have realized that a robust operations management strategy is instrumental in adding more value to their organization. Below is a list of business verticals hiring Operation Managers:

What Are The Average Salaries Of Professionals In The Domain?

According to PayScale, the average salary of different job roles in operations management ranges from INR 6 LPA to INR 18 LPA and more depending on the knowledge and experience.

Business Giants like Amazon, Accenture, JP Morgan, TCS, KPMG offer various operations management jobs for freshers with salaries above the national average.

What Specific Skills Covered In This MBA Specialization?

Nowadays, businesses are hiring candidates who can integrate a culture of cross-functional collaboration, technical enablement, digital operations upskilling, and continuous innovation. An operations management specialist must possess the following crucial skills to be successful. 

  1. Analytical and leadership skills

Both skills are incredibly crucial from an operational view. As an operations management specialist, you must forecast and provide solutions to solve an operational challenge.

  1. Organizational Abilities

Organizational abilities refer to the operations manager's proficiency in planning, executing, and monitoring each project to the end without losing focus. Good organization skills can increase production efficiency and help the manager save time. 

  1. People Skills

Most of the responsibilities of an operations management specialist involve dealing with a diverse workforce. It means that they must have exceptional people skills to relate with all the major stakeholders - inside and outside the organization.

  1. Coordination

Coordination involves carrying out cross-functional activities with certainty and ease to ensure proper use of the resources toward achieving the organization's goals. An operations specialist must have good coordination by integrating resources, time, and activities to deal with interruptions, crises, and obstacles.

  1. Tech-savvy

In this age of rapidly advancing technologies, organizations are becoming increasingly tech-dependent to gain a competitive advantage in the market. Operations management professionals should have an affinity for technology to design efficient, automated, and tech-compliant processes. 

FAQ’s For MBA in Operations

  1. What to do after an MBA in operations?

If you are interested in pursuing an MBA in the operations career path, you must evaluate your skills and strengths to find jobs matching your experience and interests. 

  1. How good is an MBA in operations management?

MBA in Operations management scope is incredibly bright as it prepares you to troubleshoot and develop solutions to the operations sector’s challenges. It also opens doors for other opportunities by empowering you with the required skills and knowledge to pivot from operations management.

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