Trending Group Discussion Topics for MBA

  • By Neha Siddhwani
  • 31 May 2023
Trending Group Discussion Topics for MBA

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If you are a candidate who wants to ace Group Discussion round for MBA admissions, then this is your opportunity. We understand that getting admission into an MBA program is a challenging task. Not just the MBA entrance exam you need to clear, but you have to prepare well for Group Discussion and Personal Interview Questions for MBA. To get admission into a reputed business school, you need a personality that is judged by the admission panel. Here, we have created a roadmap of the skills you need and the trnding group discussion topics that you need to cover. Once, you have prepared yourself for MBA admissions, you know it’s the best time to pursue an MBA program.

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What is GD or Group Discussion for MBA?

A Group Discussion or GD round for MBA admissions is an important part of the MBA admission process. It is a 20-25 minute round given in a group and the candidates are given five minutes to prepare well for the topics. The admission panel here analysis your communication skills, how good you are with English, the confidence you carry, how convincingly you present an argument, leadership qualities and clarity of thoughts. Group Discussion and Written Ability Test usually begins in February and goes on till August. So, to crack Group Discussion round, you need to prepare trending group discussion topics well in advance.

Skills Judged in a Group Discussion Round

There are certain qualities that the MBA admission panel judges based on Group Discussion. 

  • Analytical abilities
  • Confidence while interacting with other members
  • Social behaviour
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Leadership skills
  • Time management skills
  • The flexibility or rigidness you have while discussing
  • Your communication skills
  • How open-mindedly you acknowledge others’ opinions

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Do’s and Don’ts of Group Discussion for MBA

There are certain do’s and don’ts that you need to keep in mind for Group Discussion round.

Do’s to remember

  • Be calm and composed
  • Your body language should exhibit easiness
  • Back your points with facts and figures
  • If the discussion takes a hostile turn, you should intervene to calm the situation
  • Give respect to others' viewpoints as well
  • Think well before you speak

Don’ts to remember

  • Never ask irrelevant questions
  • Until you know the topic well, never initiate the discussion
  • You should never feel underconfident while putting your points forward
  • Do not go overboard while showing your knowledge
  • Never interrupt other members while speaking
  • Never let your personal biases come in between the discussion

Trending Group Discussion Topics for MBA

Let’s have a look at Group Discussion topics that will help you get admission into the MBA program.

Latest GD Topics

Do you think the national anthem should be played in cinema halls?

Rural vs Urban India

Thoughts on the present education system in India

Do you think browsing at the workplace affects productivity?

How useful is a smart city project?

Thoughts on Retirement homes

Thoughts on crime against women

Social Media - A boon or bane?

Environment and us

Thoughts on Swachh Bharat Mission

Current GD Topics

The effect of the recession on developed countries

India as G20 host

Is climate change real or a hoax?

Importance of the Statue of Unity

Pros and Cons of ChatGPT

Future and Metaverse

Role of AI - Will it replace or be a friend of humans?

Opinion on Tech layoffs

Work from home or work from the office

Population control bill

Uniform civil code

Moonlighting: Ethical or unethical

Abstract GD Topics

Leader vs Follower

Thoughts on friends, enemies or frenemies

Innovation vs Invention

Thoughts on self-motivation

Hard work or Smart work

Who do we need more - managers or entrepreneurs?

Women or Men - Who are better multitaskers?

The first impression is the last - true or not?

Profit or Ethics?

What are your thoughts on the Me Too campaign?

Is work-life balance a reality or myth?

Freedom - A reality or myth?

Business & Economy GD Topics

What are your views on Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency?

Pros and Cons of Blockchain Technology

Thoughts on the Right to Information

Can India become a $5 trillion economy by 2024?

Success and Failure of Demonetisation

Thoughts on Minimum Support Price

Is India ready for a cashless economy?

Is MBA needed to be a successful businessman?

Globalisation: A threat or an opportunity

Does the Indian economy need to be privatised?


If you want admission into a reputed business school, remember Group Discussion round is something that will get you in. You have to be very confident while attending this round. MBA schools are no joke, and therefore, you need to work hard to get into a reputed college. Now, if you are looking for a business school, you need an EdTech through which you can get into an MBA program. Sunstone is a higher education service provider that can help you with it. You can unlock numerous benefits if you apply for the MBA program with Sunstone. 70+ training and development sessions from top recruiters and industry experts, 50+ guaranteed job interviews under Placement Protection Plan, you get to work on a capstone project every semester and learn from guest faculty who are ex-IIMs and IITs. So, get into an MBA program via Sunstone.

FAQs - Group Discussion Topics

What is an MBA Program?

MBA full form is Master of Business Administration, and it is a course that teaches managerial, and leadership skills to students from different streams.

How Many Rounds Do I Need to Clear to Get Admission into a Business School?

After appearing for the MBA entrance exam, you need to clear two more rounds including the Group Discussion round and Personal Interview round.

What is Group Discussion for MBA?

Group Discussion is one of the main rounds of the MBA admission process that helps the admission committee to assess your overall personality.

What are the Types of Group Discussion Topics for MBA Admission?

There are six types of Group Discussion Topics that you need to prepare for MBA admission. They are:

  • Latest GD Topics
  • Current GD Topics
  • Social Issue GD Topics
  • Abstract GD Topics
  • Social Media GD Topics
  • Business & Economy GD Topics

Does Sunstone Provide Any Scholarships to the Candidates?

Yes, you have to appear in the Sunstone scholarship test, and you can get a scholarship worth up to ₹ 10 Crore.

Is Group Discussion a Mandatory Round to Get MBA Admission?

In most of the top business schools, group discussion is a mandatory part of the MBA admission process.

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