Various Specializations in B.Com in India: The Complete List

  • By Christy J. Varghese
  • 12 July 2022
Various Specializations in B.Com in India: The Complete List

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If you are out of school and have pursued the commerce stream, you may have to decide which course to pursue in college. 

While there are many degrees that you can pursue out there, if your interest lies in Commerce, B.Com is one of the most common choices among many individuals. 

Choosing to pursue a B.Com degree is not only restricted to recent high school graduates, but any individual at any point in their career or academic timeline can pursue this course.  

B.Com is a large umbrella course that encompasses several B.Com specializations that you can explore. Before diving into choosing one B.Com specialization, it can be helpful to understand the B.Com course details. B.Com is a three-year full-time program that provides 38 different specializations. Let us now have a look into the different specializations.

Specializations in B.Com

Choosing the best specialization in B.Com that suits your interests and career goals the best is crucial. 

It can be helpful to understand the different specializations so that you can make the best decision for yourself. So, here are the different available specializations.

  • B.Com Applied Economics
  • B.Com Economics
  • B.Com Marketing
  • B.Com Accountancy
  • B.Com Finance
  • B.Com Accounting and Finance
  • B.Com Banking and Finance
  • B.Com Banking Management
  • B.Com Banking and Insurance
  • B.Com Insurance Management
  • B.Com Tourism and Travel Management
  • B.Com Business Economics
  • B.Com Business Administration
  • B.Com Computer Applications
  • B.Com Corporate Secretaryship
  • B.Com E-Commerce
  • B.Com Financial Markets
  • B.Com Financial Accounting
  • B.Com Foreign Trade Management
  • B.Com Professional
  • B.Com Management Studies
  • B.Com Statistics
  • B.Com Supply Chain Management
  • B.Com Tax Procedure and Practice
  • B.Com Taxation
  • B.Com Capital Market
  • B.Com Computer Science
  • B.Com Accounting

Difference Between B.Com and B.Com Honours Specialization 

While both B.Com and B.Com Hons courses are the same, they differ in terms of the students applying for these courses. 

For instance, students with their core subject as Computer in the 12th standard apply for B.Com. On the other hand, students with their core course as Commerce in the 12th standard apply for the B.Com Honours course. 

If you’re wondering what B.Com Hons means, it’s a three-year course that offers a graduate degree in the field of Accounting, Commerce, Economics, Taxation, Financial management, etc. 

Moreover, students who wish to become Chartered Accountants generally go for the B.Com Hons specialization as it consists of more Commerce details and subjects than the B.Com branches

The different types of B.Com Honours include 

  • B.Com (Honours) in Accounting and Financing 
  • B.Com (Honours) in Accountancy
  • B.Com (Honours) in Marketing 
  • B.Com (Honours) in Economics

Now that the difference between B.Com and B.Com Hons specialization is clear let’s look at the different types of B.Com courses or specializations available. 

Top 6 B.Com Specializations

While there are about 38 different specializations with different types of B.Com branches, let’s look at the top 10 specializations. 

  • B.Com Marketing

This specialization involves advertising and marketing a particular financial product to improve brand visibility and customer interest. If you are interested in marketing, this specialization in B.Com may be worth pursuing. 

Upon graduation from this specialization, you can pursue your career in several different sectors, such as budget planning, consultancies, banks, foreign trade, educational institutions, merchant banking, accounting firms, and marketing. 

To pursue this course, the fee for 3 years ranges from ₹5,000 to ₹2 Lakhs.

  • B.Com Accountancy

Pursuing a B.Com in accountancy is an undergraduate program focusing primarily on management and accountancy. If you aim to work as an accountant, this degree aligns best with your career goals. 

The fee that is required yearly for this specialization ranges between ₹5,000 and ₹1 Lakh. 

Once you graduate with this specialization, you can work across different sectors with the positions of finance manager, financial analyst, account manager, chartered accountant, account executive, and many others.

  • B.Com Finance

This specialization allows you to build the skills required to pursue a career in the finance sector. With this course, you can learn about different topics in detail, such as finance, baking, economy, and trade. 

To pursue this degree, the fees for a total of 3 years can vary between ₹10,000 and ₹6 Lakhs. Upon completing this degree, you can explore various job opportunities and work across different roles, such as a personal finance consultant, security analyst, money market dealer, auditor, financial research manager, financial planning associate, investment manager, and many others. 

  • B.Com Applied Economics

This specialization may be the best fit if you are interested in the applied economics space.

With this specialization, you can build your knowledge base so that you will be equipped to handle all economic issues and formulate plans and strategies to deal with any crisis or issues about the economy for a company or a business. 

After this degree, you can pursue a career as a data analyst, assistant manager, economic professor or teacher, statistical assistant, lead modeller, or any other relevant role. To pursue this specialization in B.Com, the fees vary between ₹30,000 and ₹6 Lakhs for 3 years.

  • B.Com Banking and Finance

This program provides you with a dual specialization in both banking as well as finance. If you are interested in both fields, you can explore this specialization option in B.Com. 

The B.Com course subjects for this specialization cover aspect across finance and banking to provide you with an overall skill set that can open opportunities in both these areas. 

To pursue this program, you typically have a fee varying from ₹15,000 to ₹3 Lakhs for 3 years. After pursuing this specialization, you can work across several roles, such as a cashier, accountant, loan officer, auditor, sales officer, market analyst, sales manager, and many more. 

  • B.Com Banking and Insurance

A B.Com degree specializing in insurance and banking provides you with skills across both fields. If you want to work in the banking or insurance sectors, this specialization can best align with your goals. 

Pursuing a B.Com degree specializing in banking and insurance, the fee usually varies between ₹14,000 and ₹10 Lakhs for 3 years. 

Once you graduate with this specialization, you can work across different job opportunities, such as a marketing agent, claims officer, accountant, sales representative, financial advisor, and many others.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have understood the various specializations available to pursue a degree in B.Com, you can make an informed decision based on your likes, interests, and future goals. 

It can be helpful to identify your interest and then identify a specialization that aligns best with your goals. However, it is also important to remember that you can pursue any of these specializations without any previous requirements, such as certifications or work experience. 

So, make sure you decide based on what you want for the rest of your career trajectory. 

When you pursue B.Com, Sunstone is at your perusal, where you can gain access to comprehensive resources and expert guidance. Not only will this improve your application process, but you can also experience the benefit of being industry ready when you decide to pursue a degree in B.Com.

People Also Ask

  • Which specialization is best in BCom?

You can choose a specialization that best fits your interests and needs, as the best specialization varies for everyone.

  • Which B.Com course is the best? 

Each type of B.Com course has pros and cons and caters to the needs of students and applicants. But, to name a few popular B.Com courses, B.Com in Accounting and Finance, B.Com in Economics, B.Com in Marketing, and B.Com in Banking and Insurance are the best B.Com specializations. 

  • What are the different types of BCom?

There are plenty of different specializations, such as Accounting, Finance, Banking, Applied Economics, and many others.

  • Which specialization is best in MBA after B.Com?

MBA in Finance, MBA in HR, MBA in Marketing, MBA in Business Analytics. MBA in International Business, MBA in Information Technology, MBA in Operations Management, and MBA in Healthcare Management are the top MBA specializations you can choose after B.Com

  • Which BCom specialization is best for CA?

To specialize in CA, you can consider a B.Com degree specializing in Chartered Accountancy.

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