Visual Merchandising in AIM Pune

  • By Sunstone Student
  • 2 November 2022
Visual merchandising in AIM Pune

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This was the day when we got the project that we were required to make two mannequins. We were so excited because this was a new challenge for us. And Sunstone always comes with unique ideas full of creativity. The project is scheduled to be held on May 9, 2022. This was an intergroup competition related to visual merchandising in retail management. And the rules were, we were required to divide ourselves into a group of five or a maximum of six. We had to design two mannequins who would be from our group only. And we were allowed to use only waste materials like newspapers, papers, carry bags and clothes etc. We have got only one hour for this. And the well-designed mannequin will have a ramp walk too. This project would have carried 20 marks. 

For the same on May 9, 2022, the competition has been started. We all divided ourselves into a group of six. Rahul, Rutuja, Satyam, Krishna, Mayuri and I were in the same group. And the competition then started. Rahul and I have become the mannequins and Rutuja, Satyam, Krishna and Mayuri were making the paper dress for us.  They have started making a shirt and skirt for me. But some people couldn’t understand what should have been done exactly. Some people were quite confused. In the starting, my teammates couldn’t coordinate with each other properly because everyone was under pressure that we need to complete this task before the time at any cost. But after realizing that this is not going to work, we started planning first and listening to everyone’s opinion. Then after perfect planning, Rutuja and Krishna started making a frock for me. They both have cut the paper and carry bag and onwards I wore it. Then Rutuja started making cones and pasted them on my frock. Satyam was also making the cones and Mayuri was making a shawl for Rahul. Krishna has pasted the paper on my shoes. We had very less time, so I also started making the cones. All my teammates made the belt for me and the crown for both of us. This was a very amazing experience because we were working with a full of coordination. There were no arguments, perfect co-operation from everyone and perfect communication. One person was instructing and the other was helping. And this was very difficult for Rahul and me because we have become models and we had to stand very steady. We couldn’t move here and there because if we moved, the dress would have been torn. This was teamwork, and every teammate was taking care of us so that our dress shouldn’t be torn. Then we completed the task within one hour.

The work was very perfect when we came into the class, everyone started praising us. All the faculties also praised us. Rahul and I ramp-walked on the floor. Our project was very unique from others. It was filled with full of creativity. The best things we have learnt are Coordination and cooperation. Our team has given us a lot of experience in work, how it be done, how well could be done and taught us a lot about human behaviour. When you get in contact with different people you learn new skills and get new ideas. When we were working together, we were also getting different ideas. Everyone was thinking in a unique way, and teamwork is when you listen to every person’s ideas and opinions. Trust among the team members is very important in teamwork. Communicate as much as possible to clear misunderstandings. Everyone’s happiness is equally important. And the perfect leader is when a leader who pushes his/her teammates rather than dominating himself/herself. And we learnt Visual Merchandising practically. 

Written by- Sapna Ragade 


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