Which Courses Along with B.Com Can Be Done by Students?

  • By Christy J. Varghese
  • 12 July 2022
Which Courses Along with B.Com Can Be Done by Students?

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B.Com or Bachelor of Commerce is a 3 year degree that focuses on courses in the commerce space. There are many different specialisations that you can pursue with your B.Com degree. These different specialisations offer you the right skill set so that you can pursue a career in a niche that interests you the best. However, if you are trying to stand out from the rest of the crowd when it comes to your job hunt or would like to improve your skills, pursuing a course alongside your B.Com degree can be beneficial. It can also help you improve your skills so that you can stand apart from the stiff competition that is present in the current job market. 

Meanwhile, by pursuing a course while you are studying B.Com course subjects, you can also learn plenty of other subjects and explore other areas of interest. Not only does this give you a competitive advantage, but it also offers you a diversified career path. Moreover, you may also notice that having these additional qualifications can increase your salary and other benefits once you begin your work journey. 

Courses to Pursue While Studying B.Com

There are many different kinds of courses and certifications that you can enrol yourself into while you are pursuing your B.Com degree. Once you have completed your B.Com admission process, it would be best to explore these additional options. In addition to your B.Com course subjects, these additional courses can increase your knowledge across different areas. There are professional courses and diplomas that you can pursue with your B.Com degree. Let us have a look at them.

Professional Courses

There are many different professional courses that you can pursue while you are pursuing your bachelor's in commerce degree. It is important to understand all of this B.Com information to make an informed decision. However, there is three main professional courses that are quite popular and often pursues by others. Let us have a look at them.

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants or the ACCA is a professional course that is well recognized around the globe. One of the main benefits of B.Com along with this course is that it is not limited to one country, state, or a certain geographical region. You can use the credentials of this professional degree to get recognized all around the globe. This course is for a span of 3 years and you have the option to apply for several distinct degrees. Some of the distinct degrees are M.Sc. in Professional Accounting, Diploma in Accounting and Business, and B.Sc. in Applied Accounting. 

ACCA is also an integrated course that includes the course of B.Com (Hons) in International Business. Any student can apply for this professional course as long as they have completed their senior secondary school in the Commerce branch. 

Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants or CIMA is also a professional certification program that you can pursue along with your B.Com program. CIMA is offered from the United Kingdom and Ireland. It is associated with the Cost and Work Accountants Institute of India. This professional program also has the benefit of being recognized all around the globe, hence you would not experience any issues on the basis of its credibility in different geographical locations. In order to apply for this program, you would not need to meet any kind of eligibility criteria. As long as you are a student pursuing B.Com, you can apply for this program and be eligible.

This course also does not require any exams to be taken to be eligible to join. However, as an Indian student, you would require at least 40% to 50% in your current cohort as this is the passing percentage to enrol for this professional course. For you to successfully complete the CIMA program, you would have to appear in and pass at least 4 papers. The fee that is required to pursue this program is around ₹2 Lakhs in India. Once you complete the CIMA program, the average salary that you can expect is ₹5 Lakhs to ₹6 Lakhs. 

Actuarial Science

Another program that you can pursue while you are enrolled in your B.Com program is actuarial science. This course primarily focuses on the scientific methods as well as the mathematical methods that are required to make a good assessment of the risk in several sectors such as finance, insurance, and others. The entire course in actuarial science is split into 4 levels. You would have to complete the requirements of one level to move on to the next subsequent levels. In total, to successfully complete the course, you would have to write and pass 15 papers. This course can take about 8 years or 9 years to complete. Upon completion of this course, the average salary that you can expect varies between ₹60 lakhs to ₹70 Lakhs per annum. Finally, to enrol in this course, you will require a minimum of 85% in your 12th grade while having mathematics as one of your subjects. 

2. Diploma Courses

You can also pursue several diploma courses along with your B.Com degree. Let us have a look at some of them.

Certified Financial Planner

This course is a professional certification course that is provided by the CFP Board in the United States. The duration of this course is 1 year and it involves 4 exams each of which last for about 2 hours. The fee for this course is about ₹40,000. An advantage to this program is that it is internationally recognized across 24 different countries and is also considered to be a gold standard by Wall Street Journal. Upon completing this certification program, you can expect a salary of about ₹4 Lakhs per annum.

Digital Marketing and Web Design

With this course, you will be able to learn different aspects such as social media marketing, SEO management, content development, and web design. This course extends for a span of 3 months to 11 months and costs about ₹40,000 to ₹80,000 to pursue. Once you complete this course, you can expect a salary of about ₹4 Lakhs per annum to ₹15 Lakhs per annum.

In a Nutshell

There are many different courses and diploma programs that you can pursue while you are studying B.Com on an undergraduate level. All of these courses can help you improve your skills and leverage them to increase your career prospects. You can find the best fit for yourself with Sunstone to climb up the ladder.

People Also Ask

1. Which course is best to do along with BCom?

You can pursue several fields after B.Com based on your interests and strengths. 

2. What can you do side by side with BCom?

You can pursue several pathways alongside your B.Com such as professional courses and diploma courses.

3. Is BCom good for future?

With the economy growing, commerce will always be a part of it. It would be best to identify your interests and pursue the course.

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