Why BCA Course is a Popular Choice for Youth in 2022?

  • By Christy J. Varghese
  • 20 July 2022
Why BCA Course is a Popular Choice for Youth in 2022?

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Bachelors in Computer Application (BCA) is a three-year undergraduate program for students who have an interest in a programming language, database management, networking data structures, etc. and wish to pursue careers in software development, IT companies, call centres, etc. The increase in demand for IT professionals in the market with the advancement of technology has made BCA, one of the most preferred and popular courses among the youth in 2022.

The confusion that always prevails among students about whether they should pursue BTech in Computer Applications or Bachelor in Computer Application. The students should remember that the eligibility criteria for BTech in Computer Applications require the candidate to have a science stream (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) in 10+2 whereas BCA students from the arts and commerce stream can also get admission to the BCA program through merit and entrance exam scores.

Reasons Why BCA Is Gaining Popularity Among Youth 

Lays a Strong Academic Foundation 

The BCA syllabus is designed in such a manner, that every student enrolling in the program gets detailed theoretical and practical knowledge of computer applications. The universities and colleges organise field trips, training sessions, and on-field assignments to render industry exposure to the students. While theoretical knowledge is included in the BCA syllabus, it is kept with precision and as per the market requirement.

Career Prospects and Opportunities

There is a huge demand for BCA students in the IT industry. The modernization and adoption of new technologies have increased the job opportunities for graduates in computer applications. Apart from the higher payout, the IT industry offers additional perks and benefits to its employees.  The BCA graduates can make a career as consultants, web developers, system administrators, etc. 

Further Education 

BCA is an undergraduate program, which offers lucrative jobs with higher payout options. After completing the degree, a lot of students start their career by entering into the industry, however, if students wish to pursue further education they can either go for MCA, MBA, etc. post-graduate courses to explore and enhance their skill set.

Budget-Friendly Course

BCA is a budget-friendly course that offers maximum returns with minimal investments. Colleges and universities design the BCA syllabus to ensure that students can effectively avail advanced learnings. Students who cannot financially afford the fees for a BTech in Computer Applications program can check BCA course details and then make a decision. 

Job Opportunities For Students Pursuing BCA 

The BCA subjects offer knowledge and understanding of different spheres of the IT industry which opens the possibility of various job profiles like -

  • Programmer - Students can become computer programmers by learning different coding languages like Python, Java, C++, etc.
  • Web Developer - Graduates also work in digital marketing firms or web designing firms.
  • Software Engineer - BCA program trains students for software and circuit system development and testing.
  • Support Executives - A lot of corporate firms hire BCA/BTech graduates as technical support teams to smooth the management and execution of operations.
  • Consultants/ Trainers - Another job opportunity available to the students is they can become private consultants for IT and corporate firms or they can open their training institute to render additional guidance for aspirants.
  • Government Jobs - After completing Bachelor in Computer Applications, the students can also change their streams and apply for government jobs in banks, post-offices, police, etc.

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Why do people choose BCA?

Students who are interested in computer applications and technologies opt for Bachelor in Computer Applications. BCA is a budget-friendly course with a broad scope of growth and job opportunities in the industry.

What are the BCA program and its benefits?

BCA is a three-year undergraduate program for students who have an interest in a programming language, database management, etc. BCA has various benefits like low-investment degree programs, job opportunities with higher payouts, exposure to the industry, etc.

Is BCA a good career choice?

BCA is an ideal career choice for students who have a passion for computers and wish to pursue a career in the IT industry.

I pursued arts in my 10+2, Can I apply for a BCA degree program in any country college?

Students from any stream of arts, commerce, or science are eligible to apply for BCA degree programs in any college in the country. Science stream in 10+2 is not mandatory eligibility for BCA.

Do I have to clear any entrance exam for BCA admission?

BCA admission in colleges and universities depends upon the norms and policies of every institute. Some educational institutes take admission on the merit of the students while conducting entrance exams. Some of the entrance exams conducted for BCA admission are SET, UPSEE, IPU, etc.

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