Why industry hires from Sunstone?

  • By Bhavya Thakkar
  • 20 November 2019

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The propensity for campus hiring and the demand for picking up a large pool of talented fresh management graduates is still there but often not up to the mark. There exists a skill gap, the management graduates merely having a degree these days and not enough skills to fill entry-level and mid-level jobs. They lack soft skills, communication skills, cognitive skills and understanding of basic tech skills. Sunstone recognized the dire need of job-ready professionals and came up with industry-ready higher education Pay after Placement programs coupled with applied specializations such as BFSI, Logistics, Sales Management, Digital Marketing, and others. These programs are designed to equip the students with the right skill-sets and expertise to meet the dynamic needs of rapidly evolving new-age jobs and businesses across industry verticals.

How Sunstone create job-ready graduates as per the company’s hiring needs?

We create unique, tailor-made profile-specific specializations to meet the hiring requirements and incorporate these specializations in our curriculum.

Why hire from Sunstone?

At Sunstone, we eliminate hiring risks and save recruiters efforts, time and money by nurturing a pool of highly employable professionals equipped with skills catering to the unique demands and needs of the corporates. Here are the reasons why hiring a Sunstone Grad.

Job-ready and trained as per industry expectations

Our applied specializations and advanced training as per the dynamic industry needs make Sunstone grads job-ready. They undergo a rigorous curriculum with 40+ subjects and 1,500+ hours of classroom training where they acquire appropriate skills to tackle everyday business problems and hit the ground running from day 1. 

Skilled across various industry verticals

Along with the standard specializations, our students undergo applied specializations built in partnership with corporates to ingrain in-depth mastery of the latest management principles and practices across disciplines to meet the current industry requirements.   

Specializations offered at Sunstone

Standard Specializations Applied Specializations 
  • Finance
  • Marketing 
  • Human Resource 
  • Operations 
  • Information Technology
  • International Business
  • Insurance Management 
  • Business Analytics 
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management 
  • Banking Operations 
  • Digital Marketing


Undergo tech-led personalized assessment 

At Sunstone, we use technology to daily assess and systematically evaluate each one of our student’s academic performance and skill development. We have a Learning Management System in place where the students do worksheets after every lesson and this system helps us measure the learning outcomes and take remedial actions in case any student has fallen short and not understood the concept well. This way, we ensure that all our students become industry-ready and not even one student is left behind. 

Possess hands-on industry experience

As an integral part of the management program, our students go through internships and experience corporate connect via guest lectures, live projects, corporate assignments & attending corporate events, etc. A taste of corporate reality and hands-on experience through internships makes our students more proficient at handling real-life business challenges and making effective decisions.

Adept at new-age technologies 

Sunstone grads have expertise in basic computer applications and softwares used in workplaces such as MS Office and Google Suite along with other new age-technologies. Our students can productively contribute to the sectors and businesses gearing up to create a higher impact in this fast-paced technological world. 

Self-motivated, dependable and analytical thinkers

Sunstone students are dependable, self-starters and possess analytical skills. They have the ability to gather, visualize, and analyze information with precise attention and come up with practical solutions to problems faster than others. The education framework at Sunstone focuses on overall grooming, enhancing confidence, communication skills, cognitive skills and personality development of the students.

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