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Chetan Rakesh

GD Goenka University

“My experience with Sunstone’s 0% Interest EMI plan has been a game-changer, relieving financial stress and allowing me to focus on my studies. Sunstone's commitment to accessible education is truly commendable.”

Mayank Pandey

Rayat Bahra University

“Sunstone's zero-cost EMI made upskilling stress-free and affordable. Their commitment to accessible education is commendable. Highly recommend for career advancement without financial strain. Thanks, Sunstone!”

Rohit Kumar

JECRC University

“Sunstone's 0% Interest EMI plan made paying for college stress-free. Now, I can focus on studying without stressing over money. Big thanks to Sunstone for making education affordable!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 0% cost EMI available for all courses and colleges?

Yes, Sunstone's 0% cost EMI is available for all courses offered at colleges powered by Sunstone.

For further information or assistance regarding the refund process, please contact or you can reach out to your dedicated counselor directly or initiate a ticket through the “Help” section on our mobile application.

Can I prepay my education loan without any additional charges?

Yes, you have the flexibility to prepay your education loan without incurring any additional charges. Sunstone encourages responsible financial management and provides you with the freedom to settle your loan ahead of schedule if you choose to do so.

Is there any eligibility criteria for availing the 0 cost EMI?

While specific eligibility criteria may apply, Sunstone strives to make education financing accessible to a wide range of students. Speak to our counsellors to understand the eligibility requirements and discuss your individual case.

Are there any additional fees associated with the 0% Interest EMI?

No, there are no extra fees involved. Sunstone offers a transparent and straightforward 0 cost EMI fee payment option without any hidden charges.

What happens if I face any issues during the fee payment process?

If you encounter any issues during the fee payment process, you can reach out to our dedicated support team for assistance.

If you  require further assistance regarding the fee payment process you can also contact or you can reach out to your dedicated counselor directly or initiate a ticket through the “Help” section on our mobile application.