Refund Policy

Sunstone acknowledges that circumstances may arise where a candidate seeks a refund related to their college admission. Our refund policy aims to address such situations with clarity and fairness.

Refund Guidelines

Refund Before Class Commencement

If a candidate requests a refund before the start of classes, a deduction of ₹5,000 will be applied to the Sunstone fee.

Refund After Class Commencement

No refunds will be issued from the Sunstone fee if requested after the commencement of classes.

College Amount Refund Policy

As per AICTE / UGC guidelines, candidates can request a refund before class commencement.

A processing fee of up to ₹1,000/- or 10% of the fees paid (whichever is lower) will be deducted.

College fee refunds will adhere to the timelines set by the respective college.

Refund Components

The refund amount comprises two components:

Sunstone fee refund component

Campus fee refund component

Please be aware that these policies are subject to change and may be updated periodically. Any modifications to our refund policy will be duly communicated on this page.

Should you require further information or assistance regarding our refund process, please contact us at 

To submit a request, you can reach out to your dedicated counselor directly or initiate a ticket through the “Help” section on our mobile application.