IIM Placements 2022 - Placement Procedure

  • By Christy J. Varghese
  • 28 December 2022
IIM Placements 2022

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B-school graduates are now seeing a spike in hiring patterns throughout the sector. After months of slowing down because of the global pandemic, companies did not focus on hiring in 2021. However, the year 2022 arrived like a ray of light for B-schoolers. This year, most of India's top business schools not only beat all prior placement records, but some of them even had the greatest placement season ever!

Approximately 5200 students graduated from 20 IIMs throughout India in 2022. After reviewing the official statistics from each IIM, it was determined that the IIM placement salary in 2022 began with a:

  • Minimum package of IIM: ₹7 Lakhs
  • Maximum package of IIM: ₹55.86 Lakhs
  • Average Package of IIM: ₹38.30 Lakhs
  • Three students kicked off their business

Students who graduate from IIMs are regarded as immensely talented. They get hired by top recruiters, and gradually they advance in their careers to become top CEOs of many large conglomerates. This year also, IIM students didn't disappoint the HR departments of several well-known corporations.

Every IIM has a student cell, which comprises students picked from the current batch and is in many respects responsible for campus placements at their college. This year's IIM placement campaign attracted 100% of students across its 20 campuses, with IIM-A receiving the highest domestic placement of ₹75.20 lakhs per annum.

Amazon, Accenture Strategy, Goldman Sachs, Bain & Company, Landmark Group, BCG, African Industries Group, EY, and Deloitte were among those who took part across every campus.

It was also discovered that over 50% of students had previously worked for an average of two years before taking admission for a management course across all IIMs. IIM Sirmaur and IIM Ahmedabad each produced three entrepreneurs in the 2022 batch. The most postings were in the consultancy sector, followed by sales and marketing. Additionally, it was found that practically all IIM schools experienced an increase in average packages of 10% above placements from the prior year.

IIM MBA placements for the year 2022 have been given in detail in this blog post. Read on to learn everything there is to know about IIM placements.

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IIM Placement Procedure

The placement procedure at IIMs consists of three key activities - Summer Placements, Lateral Placements, and Final Placements.




IIM Summer Placements 

October or November

1st Year Students

IIM Lateral Placements

January or February

Students Having Previous Job Experience

Final Placements

February or March

Every Graduating Student

  • Summer Placements: Summer placements are held in April and May to allow businesses to recruit students for internships. It also aids in the development of a platform for receiving pre-placement offers (PPOs). This procedure is governed by a complex set of rules that apply to both students and employers.
  • Lateral Placements: Well, lateral placements at IIMs are held a few months before final placements, and 2-year PGP/MBA students with job experience (1.5 years or more) are eligible to take part.
  • Final Placements: Except for a few small differences, the final placement procedure, which takes place in December and January, is nearly identical across every IIM. For instance, IIM Ahmedabad uses a cohort-based method rather than a day-based system. Well, the cohort-based method enables recruiters to evaluate students in groups dependent on expertise or domain over time.

2022 IIM Placements: Highest and Average Salary Packages Put Forward

Despite the economic and commercial restraints caused by COVID-19, the IIMs have seen an increase in maximum packages and average wage offers this year. The IIM average package for 2022, as well as the highest package (in terms of CTCs), are provided by all 20 IIMs in the table below.

IIM placement package in numbers for 2022 postings:

Name of the IIM

Highest CTC (in ₹)

Average CTC (in ₹)

IIM Ahmedabad

₹75.00 lakhs per annum

₹36.25 lakhs per annum*

IIM Bangalore

₹80.00 lakhs per annum

₹33.82 lakhs per annum

IIM Calcutta

₹87.36 lakhs per annum

₹34.20 lakhs per annum 

IIM Lucknow

₹58.00 lakhs per annum

₹31.03 lakhs per annum

IIM Kozhikode

₹61.50 lakhs per annum

₹29.50 lakhs per annum

IIM Indore

₹49.00 lakhs per annum 

₹25.01 lakhs per annum 

IIM Shillong 

₹55.22 lakhs per annum 

₹23.01 lakhs per annum

IIM Rohtak

₹32.00 lakhs per annum

₹16.06 lakhs per annum

IIM Ranchi

₹26.50 lakhs per annum

₹15.02 lakhs per annum 

IIM Raipur

₹42.15 lakhs per annum

₹17.73 lakhs per annum

IIM Tiruchirappalli

₹34.00 lakhs per annum

₹17.01 lakhs per annum

IIM Kashipur 

₹28.82 lakhs per annum

₹15.21 lakhs per annum

IIM Udaipur

₹35.47 lakhs per annum

₹17.50 lakhs per annum

IIM Nagpur

₹31.54 lakhs per annum

₹15.21 lakhs per annum

IIM Visakhapatnam

₹31.60 lakhs per annum

₹15.06 lakhs per annum

IIM Bodh Gaya

₹30.50 lakhs per annum

₹12.36 lakhs per annum

IIM Amritsar

₹25.21 lakhs per annum

₹14.63 lakhs per annum

IIM Sirmaur

₹26.50 lakhs per annum

₹12.74 lakhs per annum

IIM Sambalpur

₹30.00 lakhs per annum

₹12.64 lakhs per annum

IIM Jammu

₹32.00 lakhs per annum

₹13.53 lakhs per annum

IIM Highest Package Ever Offered

The table below shows the most recent highest placement in IIMs granted my international/global firms:

IIM Name

Highest International CTC (in ₹)

IIM Ahmedabad

₹1.32 crores per annum

IIM Indore

₹89.25 lakhs per annum

IIM Lucknow

₹61.59 lakhs per annum

IIM Kashipur

₹48.50 lakhs per annum

IIM Udaipur

₹33.00 lakhs per annum

IIM Ranchi

₹59.36 lakhs per annum

IIM Sambalpur

₹58.00 lakhs per annum

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Winding Up

We hope this article has helped you learn more about IIMs,  their placement opportunities, and their average and highest salary structure. We have attempted to include all relevant information on IIM placements for freshers to assist you in understanding the payscale in detail and depth.

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