Marketing Management After 12th: A Course Guide

  • By Aashruti Bhadoria
  • 26 May 2023
Marketing Management After 12th: A Course Guide

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As a student who has recently completed 12th grade, you might face difficulty in making important decisions regarding your higher education and future career. One field that has proven to be a gold mine in recent years is marketing management. Marketing manager plays an important role in shaping the success of businesses across various industries. A Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA degree with a specialisation in marketing management, offers numerous benefits, including practical skills development, in-demand skills, and personal and professional growth.

In this blog, we will explore the diverse areas of marketing management as a course of study after completing 12th grade.

What is Marketing Management?

  • Marketing Management is the planning, controlling, and executing of marketing strategies to meet organisational goals and objectives.
  • Students are introduced to many marketing courses during their undergraduate program or BBA in Marketing, one such includes marketing management along with financial management and digital marketing.
  • In marketing management courses students are taught to analyse marketing trends, customer needs, and preferences, and help develop strategies to effectively promote and sell products.
  • To be eligible for the course of marketing management students must have completed their 12th standard with a minimum of 60% marks in any stream. There are few universities that take admissions on merit, while others on the basis of marks scored in national exams.
  • Marketing managers are responsible for creating and implementing marketing plans, allocating resources, monitoring marketing performance, and adapting strategies to meet changing market conditions.
  • The goal of marketing management is to generate customer value, build strong customer relationships, and ultimately drive profitable growth for the organization.

Syllabus of Marketing Management

The syllabus of a BBA in Marketing Management may vary slightly between universities and institutions. However, here is a general overview of the common subjects and topics covered in the program:

Principles & Practices of Marketing

Management Concepts

Marketing Research

Marketing Management

Strategic Marketing

HR Management

Business Economics

Advertising Management

Business Communication and Etiquette

Information Systems for Managers

Organisational Behavior

Business Marketing

Types of Marketing Management Courses

There are a variety of Marketing Management courses that students can choose from on the basis of course duration and study mode. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Bachelor’s in Marketing Management: Students can pursue BBA in Marketing to get in-depth knowledge of marketing management. The BBA course is three years undergraduate course pursued after completing 12th standard. In most colleges and universities,  students have to take on-campus classes as it provides comprehensive classes on marketing management subjects. 
  • Master’s in Marketing Management: Students can pursue MBA in Marketing in order to advance marketing concepts, strategies, and techniques. MBA course is of two years duration, where students gain knowledge and skills to excel in marketing roles, whether in corporations, advertising agencies, consulting firms, or entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Diploma in Marketing Management: If students want to gain insight more on the practical side then PGDM in Marketing is the best to pursue. It is also a two-year course which is an industry-focused course that students can pursue after their graduation.

Scope of Marketing Management

Students can grab top job roles in the marketing industry after completing marketing management courses. Some are mentioned below:

Job Role 

Job Description

Average Salary

Brand Manager

You will be responsible for marketing the company’s brand which will result in better brand development. 

₹  12 LPA

Advertising Manager

You will be responsible for working on advertising campaigns within the budget and time.

₹10 LPA 

Marketing Communication Manager

You will be responsible for creating new marketing and communication strategies for the organisation. 

₹ 10 LPA

Sales Manager

You will be responsible for managing the sales team of the organisation. 

₹ 5 LPA

Market Research Analyst

You will be responsible for collecting and analysing the data on different business conditions.

₹ 4.5 LPA

Marketing Executive

You will be responsible for organising different campaigns and marketing strategies to promote the company’s services. 

₹ 3 LPA

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FAQ-Marketing Management After 12th: A Course Guide

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