Top PGDM Specializations in India | Scope, Benefits

  • By Christy J. Varghese
  • 16 February 2019

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It is a well-known fact that the PGDM program is the golden gateway to success for all management students! What makes the program attractive is the right mix of theoretical and practical corporate packaging that provides its students with a strong career foundation. A PGDM specialization offers a plethora of opportunities as it has ample career options in various domains such as Marketing, Finance, Human resources, Operations, Digital Marketing, IT, International Business, and so on.

PGDM Specialization - Choose what suits you best

If you are unable to decide which PGDM specialization is best suited for you, then read on and learn about the options offered by Sunstone in its AICTE approved 2-year PGDM program.

PGDM in Marketing

Marketing is one of the most sought-after specializations of PGDM program as it open doors to various career opportunities. Many talented and passionate young professionals are attracted to this innovative field as it helps them face the challenges thrown at them by the diverse Indian and global market.

This PGDM specialization equips the student with in-depth knowledge of new-age marketing functions, extensive understanding of product marketing, brand building and creating effective marketing campaigns.

PGDM in Finance

One of the most lucrative specializations of PGDM in Finance Management. Students who have a strong inclination towards investments, cash flow, fundraising, collections and other financial activities of a business opt for PGDM in Finance. This PGDM specialization offers fat salary packages for a variety of roles in the financial department of a company.

PGDM in Finance helps the students in developing strong analytical and problem-solving skills with a critical mindset. It allows the students to comprehend business challenges and recognize the interaction of finance with other departments in the company.

Sunstone’s PGDM in Finance helps management aspirants develop financial management skills, teaches them about the financial market and institutions, recognize revenue systems and trains them about budgeting and planning.  

Know more about this PGDM specialization, the career opportunities it offers and responsibilities of a Finance Manager in detail, here.

PGDM in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing as a PGDM specialization has gained popularity ever since the business world has adopted the methods of digitalization with open arms. This specialization allows a professional to manage multichannel digital customer interactions, in order to create a unique online identity as well as open new sales and channel distribution options.

Digital Marketing as a PGDM program covers both the theory and practical aspects of digital marketing tools and techniques like content development, inbound marketing, social media marketing and evaluation of campaigns.

The highly-experienced faculty at Sunstone trains students of Digital Marketing tools such as Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Marketing, Strategic Marketing, Mobile Marketing, SEO Management, Web Analytics, Content Management and many more.

To know more about Digital Marketing as PGDM specialization in detail, click here.  

PGDM in Human Resource Management

HR professionals have become a basic necessity for companies. The special focus of this PGDM specialization is on making the management students aware of Indian labour laws and practices.  

PGDM in Human Resource Management focuses on developing HR leaders by stimulating analytical thinking and focusing on innovations in this field. This PGDM program encourages practical aspects and abilities to develop skills related to individual, team and organizational behaviour.

Students opting for PGDM in Human Resource Management at Sunstone would learn about Recruitment & Selection, People Skills, Performance Management, Building and Leading Effective Teams, and Compensation Management.

Also, the students must be well aware of the responsibilities of the diverse career options that PGDM in HR Management offers. Click here to know more.

PGDM in Operations Management

Operations Management is simply the largest department of an organization. An operations manager looks after the logistics, process control, quality checks and performance of the departments in the organization.

This PGDM specialization is closely associated with supply chain and logistics and focuses on planning, organizing and supervising in the contexts of production, manufacturing or the provision of services. Moreover, it deals with the design and management of products as well as the production processes.

At Sunstone, students opting for PGDM in Operations Management will learn about operational discipline, supply chain management, delivery efficiency, and Quantitative Models for Logistics and Transportation Management.

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PGDM in Business Analytics

PGDM in Business Analytics is a course designed for management planning to develop expertise and build careers in analytics and data science. This PGDM Specialization course provides the students with the basic quantitative and analytical tools necessary for decision-making and to develop their diagnostic and analytical skills through suitable logical problems and practical application concepts.

Students opting for PGDM in Business Analytics are trained in gathering relevant data and converting it into useful insights that can be used to encourage data-driven decision making, so as to formulate better business strategies for accomplishing organizational goals.

Students planning to take up PGDM in Business Analytics can get all the related details from here.

PGDM in International Business

Among the newly emerged PGDM specializations, International Business has gained a lot of popularity. This course is a way through which students can get linked with the ongoings, policies, opportunities and challenges of the global market.

A PGDM in International Business helps students understand the global nature of modern businesses and the best practices on how they can face the challenges and opportunities that globalization has to offer.

Students opting for this PGDM specialization at Sunstone get trained in global marketing, commodity trading, international finance, foreign currency management and many more.

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PGDM in Information Technology

PGDM in Information Technology teaches students to comprehend the role of technological innovation in the organization. A student opting for this PGDM specialization acquire important troubleshooting, business and interaction abilities highly required by IT-dependent companies.

With the qualifications on key ideas in managing technological innovations and advancements, PGDM specialization focus on tactically use control and application of modern computer and information technologies that include organization application.

Students opting PGDM in Information Technology at Sunstone are trained for fields like IT Governance, IT Financial Management, IT Service Management and IT Configuration management.

To know more about working in these IT fields, click here.

Benefits of pursuing a PGDM

  • Less expensive than an MBA
  • Internship opportunities
  • Practical curriculum
  • Top-class faculty
  • Learning entrepreneurial skills

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