MBA Placement Preparation - Tips and Tricks by Experts

  • By Sneha Dasgupta
  • 9 November 2020
Tips to crack MBA placement

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MBA campus hiring is the most critical phase for an MBA aspirant. It’s that time of their career when anticipation and anxiety are at their peak. It’s such a crucial part of their academic as well as professional life. However, it is also natural to question the worth of an MBA degree.

MBA placement interviews are significant when it comes to a candidate’s career prospects. Their whole life is dependent on the kind of job and position they attain through the placement process. Naturally, a lot of students have individual companies/positions in mind that they would love to be a part of!

How To Crack an MBA Placement Interview?

Getting the desired position in your dream company through campus recruitments helps a lot in giving your career a much-needed push before moving on to the corporate world, despite the decline in job opportunities for an MBA professional. However, it’s easier said than done because the company recruiters also come prepared with a barrage of questions to test your skills & abilities to filter out the best candidate.

 So, it’s highly recommended that you should have all your bases covered before your placements and prepare thoroughly for the most important event of your life. Let’s understand the main aspects that you need to keep in mind while preparing for the MBA campus interview, especially the final round interview with the HR department.

8 Tips to Clear your MBA Placement Interview

Building An Effective Resume

Now that you know a fair bit about MBA placement interviews, it’s time to test the waters. You must know how to crack the code for acing the campus interview for MBA The first step towards building a strong profile in the MBA placement interview, as you can guess, is building an effective resume. Resume building is the most crucial task when it comes to MBA campus placements.

You will always require a good resume for every interview you sit for! Make sure to draft it in a way so that it covers all your expertise and skillsets. Understand what the recruiters are looking for in the MBA placement interview and don’t forget to update your resume based on the feedback from faculty members, mentors, and colleagues.

During the campus placements and MBA placement interview, your resume should be simple, yet attention-grabbing. It should concisely highlight all your achievements and must seem appealing to the recruiter at one go because you get one shot only. 

Here is a great strategy to build an effective resume:

Highlight Skills It’s your skills that matter, make sure to make them count in your resume but make sure they aren’t exaggerated
Education & Work Experience Your education from high school to graduation to post-graduation matters a lot to the recruiters. Do highlight all your education details as well as work experience
Take Suggestions Before appearing for the MBA interview round, consult your professors or classmates to help you fine-tune your resume
Simple But Attractive Your resume should be simple and not too messy, but still should cover all your details in a succinct manner
Proofread Before finalising your resume, do make sure that you proofread everything again for any mistakes or editing. Any grammatical or spelling error can make a big dent in your MBA campus interview
Steps to Have a Winning Resume

Prepare for the Aptitude Test

Once your resume is sorted, it’s time to move on to another vital aspect of your MBA campus interview round - the aptitude test. Getting a good campus placement offer is a milestone that every engineering or MBA student aims for. Given the fierce competition and economic conditions, it is not an easy achievement for students.

Excellent skills are needed to succeed in campus placement interviews and cracking the placement aptitude test. The majority of companies conduct a placement aptitude test to hire the right candidates. Mostly, it is the first round of an on-campus pool drive for students.

Aptitude tests are conducted to check the students’ abilities and knowledge within one or more areas. Students who are well prepared for the campus placement aptitude test, have an understanding of what companies are looking for. They have a better chance of getting selected during campus placements. So, it’s incredibly crucial to prepare well for the aptitude test.

Here’s how you can give your best shot at the aptitude test:

●     Regular practice of aptitude test questions will help your chances of getting selected.

●     Attempt at least one aptitude test before appearing for any campus placement aptitude test.

●     Stay away from all kinds of distractions.

●     Thoroughly practise past year papers as they help you understand the pattern and the type of common MBA interview questions.

●     Attempt as many previous year papers as possible as it will help you improve your problem-solving skills as well.

Research Comprehensively About The Company

Let’s move on to another vital aspect of your campus placement preparation, i.e. proper research. Yes, you read that right! You might already know about the expected companies that will visit your campus, and you must be determined to get placed in your desired company.

Following are some details that you give special attention towards before the MBA placement interview:

  1. Company’s history
  2. Financial information
  3. Market Share
  4. Competitors
  5. USP
  6. Board of Directors
  7. Revenue

Practice! Practice!

It’s an old saying but a true one that ‘practice makes you perfect. It would help if you learned the art of practising as much as possible to crack the MBA placements interview. Most students spend the majority of their time gaining knowledge and extra information about their domain.

It’s important for sure, but it’s not a necessity or a prerequisite to crack your MBA placement interview. You will be evaluated based on multiple factors.

You can’t crack an MBA campus interview just by being thorough about your domain. You must be smart enough to have quick answers ready as well if you want to clear the final interview round with the HR. Try and practice with the help of a person who has gone through the MBA interview process previously and knows what to expect. You can also record the rehearsal to see how you appear to the interviewer. 

Also, make sure that you before you appear for the MBA placement interview:

●     Remain confident during the interview

●     Have clarity in your thoughts

●     Stay precise, clear and to the point when answering MBA HR interview questions

●     Practice the art of Listening:  listen well and respond accordingly

●     Don’t be in a rush to answer without understanding the question

●     Strike the right tone and pose while interacting with the interviewer

●     Keep the correct posture and sound confident without going over the top

Soft-skills: Your Saviour

Students usually tend to ignore this critical factor of working on their soft skills while focusing only on other aspects of the preparation for the interview. Improving your soft skills should be the top priority when you’re looking forward to the MBA campus placements.

Almost every single candidate applying for the job will have a similar skill set. So, what sets you apart from the other candidates? Your soft skills can be the answer to this question. These traits will help you determine how well you work within a team – either by communicating effectively, working under pressure, etc.

The interviewers lay particular emphasis on the students’ soft skills which not only help them in cracking down on the interview but also help in their tenure at the company as well. However, they will also ask about your hard skills and technical knowledge. So, be prepared to answer technical questions too.

Soft skills that include communication ability, leadership, collaboration, problem-solving, etc. can be easily projected on your resume. You must back these soft skills with a decent number of examples in the form of projects or presentations.

It would be best if you also learned the art of communicating effectively. Having good communication skills is a must these days if you want to be a part of the challenging corporate world and not just in your MBA placement interview. Communication skills are not only limited to being good at verbal and written communication. These skills cover much more such as choosing the right words, knowing when to take a pause, listening to others intently, etc.

Learning these soft skills will up your MBA placement interview preparation by miles.

Dress To Impress!

Your MBA placement interview attire holds so much importance as well when it comes to cracking the MBA job interview round. They are mostly found clueless to the question of ‘What to wear for MBA campus placement interview?’

Many students forget to give too much importance to this factor and get noticed by the interviewers easily. They must make sure that they wear properly ironed formals that will make them stand out from the crowd and make an instant impression

Dressing formally not only makes you look presentable but also makes a good impression on those you interact with! Dressing correctly shows that you’re serious about getting into the company and respectful of the interviewer’s time.

Ask The Right Questions

As you prepare for the aptitude round, you are also likely to be part of a group discussion as well. In this round, the recruiters assess how well you communicate, listen and convey your thoughts about a particular topic.

To perform well in this round, you need to practice. Decide on a specific topic, call your group of friends and make one of them the judge. While you are part of such a discussion, focus on: 

  • Being a good listener
  • Speaking clearly and to the point
  • Being confident while speaking
  • Reading about current affairs
  • Paying attention to what others are speaking

Yes, MBA campus placements can be nerve-wracking for many. But you must learn and focus on training your mind to stay focused. This is why you should practise often. Take deep breaths, focus on the interviewer’s questions, speak slowly and listen carefully – these are some smart hacks that help you calm down. There is no need to rush to answer; give yourself some time to collect your thoughts.

Remain calm and composed

Set everything aside for once and focus solely on remaining calm while you’re facing the interviewer or answering their question. The way you handle a particular situation matters a lot to the recruiters.

You can’t project yourself as impatient. Remaining calm and composed is utmost important while giving an interview during your MBA campus placements.

There is a big possibility that the placement season is likely to make you nervous and even challenge your knowledge at times. Practising consistently and regularly is one way to prepare without getting overwhelmed.

During your face-to-face interview, remember that this time is not to judge how fast you can answer but how’s the quality of your answers and how you answer them by maintaining your calm.

Summing It Up

Your job’s not done when the interview ends! One of the most important things you must keep in mind is how to complete your conversation with the interviewer. Remember, they will notice each and everything from how you started your interview and how you end it.

At the end of the interview, ask meaningful questions about the company, growth opportunities and also ask for constructive feedback of your interview. The final act of your MBA placement interview is extremely important and leaves a lasting impact on the minds of the recruiters.

Another handy tip while preparing for an MBA placement interview is performing mock interviews. You take help from your friends, parents or siblings for the same. Make sure to record your mock interviews and review your gestures and how you react to specific questions for MBA interviews. This habit will immensely help you in knowing how to prepare for MBA interview questions. Keep in mind your admission interview for your specific B school, researching their fee payment plans and placement record.

This practice will help you to be to the point and help you answer in fewer words. The two most crucial factors that companies use to assess freshers are knowledge and skills. It would help if you remembered that your learning should not stop with the completion of your college.

There is always a competitive learning environment at your workplace, that will require you to continually stay in the game and keep up with the changing technologies and customer demands. Always keep expanding your knowledge outside the academics and keep looking out for new things you can learn within your area of interest. 

Being a team player is quite crucial, and companies don’t wish to hire people who might later face difficulty in working in a team environment. You must try and become a great team player and develop a team player’s skills while you are still graduating by taking each college project and group activity with the utmost care. 

There you have it – all actionable tips that are going to help you crack the placement interview in style. Just be confident in yourself and your abilities. The rest can be taken care of with the above tips.

All the best!

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