The Sunstone Code

Our promise

To raise the bar of India’s higher education landscape and make more graduates employable and sought after by the recruiter community. Sunstone will provide candidates with the best-in-class training, and subsequent future leaders and professionals to corporations.

Our vision

To give students everything they need. Sunstone exists to empower every deserving student to take charge of their careers. We refuse to compromise on our commitment to delivering success to students.

Our mission

Re-innovate education. We put science into learning to make education work for every student. We leverage technology to generate data and track every aspect of a student’s journey to drive outcomes.

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our values

We exist to deliver success to every student

Drive fast but not rash We are an agile lot. We believe in fast action, but we think before we act so that our actions are not rash. This ensures that we are not stuck in a rut of continuous mistakes as we grow at a fast rate, while being mindful of what we do.

Bring data to conversations Data is where the truth lies while assumptions may lead us down the wrong path. We believe in basing our actions and decisions on data, wherever applicable, to make evidence-based judgements. We speak and breathe data.

Let my work be my signature Each one of us at Sunstone brings something unique to the table. We must constantly nurture our strengths to go beyond what is expected. Our work defines us. It becomes a signature when someone can tell where it is coming from.

Bring your heart to work A pleasing environment, loving coworkers and a cordial space allow us to challenge each other without offence. Beyond what we do at work, our attitude towards each other is what defines us and enables collaboration.

Bada Socho We are what we are and where we are because some of us dared to think big. We believe in every individual's potential to think beyond the box. Our collective ability to think big makes our dream of Sunstone come true.